Take a look at what our clients have to say about working with CALIBER.

Sean C.

Lost 20 pounds and saw a big jump in strength.

chris muir lean muscle project

I weighed myself this morning at 192. That’s almost 20 pounds lighter then when I started. All my pants are looser on me now and I have seen a big jump in my strength.

Khalid H.

Packed on muscle while losing body fat.

chris muir lean muscle project

I’m very happy with my results so far! Looking back at the last few months, trying this program was one of the best decisions I’ve made. My workouts are efficient, and within a few weeks I was already seeing progress.

Steven T.

Lost 36 pounds and got down to 6% body fat

Steven T. Before & After

I seriously believe our time together was an amazing investment and I continuously bring up CALIBER when people around me ask what the secret was to getting this lean. The accountability, tools, and knowledge you’ve provided have been life-changing!

E. T.

Lost 26 pounds while building strength & muscle

E.T Before & After

The lifting is going well and I’m still feeling really strong. Thanks for everything! Looking forward to keeping up the progress.

Jason H.

Significantly increased strength and muscle mass.

chris muir lean muscle project

I’d say that over the past 4-6 weeks, I started to notice some changes in the look of my body and have noticed a change in the way I’m fitting into clothes.

Victoria S.

Toned up and lost 2 inches around her waist.

Victoria S.

I feel more toned and happy with what I’ve been seeing in the mirror. Also the fact that I’ve almost lost 2 inches around my waist.

Collin S.

Built muscle and lost 17 pounds in 3 months.

chris muir lean muscle project

My body has changed REALLY drastically. Abs are starting to show some definition all the way down the middle and around the sides, much more definition and vascularity in biceps and triceps, and my back looks noticeably more muscular when I flex.

Scott M.

Burned stomach fat while building lean muscle.

chris muir lean muscle project

After following the plan I saw immediate results. I highly recommend CALIBER to help you reach your fitness goals – I was able to make much better progress following their methods in only 4-5, 1 hour workouts a week than in all my previous years…

Michael C.

Lost 7 lbs of fat and got stronger in just 4 weeks.

Michael C

Cannot believe this is after we have only been training together for 4 weeks. Am in disbelief – seems I’ve wasted years training. Thanks for everything so far!

Rick H.

Lost 15 pounds and increased muscle definition.

chris muir lean muscle project

This program has helped me make exactly the progress I wanted to make. People notice now and ask me questions on how to build muscle!

Sofia C.

Increased overall strength and muscle definition.

Sofia C.

I’m happy with progress photos and feeling really good at the moment. Looking forward to making some further strength gains at the gym.

Joe N.

Shed stomach fat and built over 10 lbs of muscle.

Joe N.

This is the best I have ever looked and is the first time I’ve ever been confident with my shirt off.
Very happy with the results.

Prashanth C.

Decreased waist size by 5 inches in 3 months.

chris muir lean muscle project

I am very happy with this training program. The workouts and diet plan have been easy for me to follow, and I can’t believe how much fat I have lost in my stomach in since I started!

Timothy H.

Got bigger and stronger than he’s ever been.

chris muir lean muscle project

My favorite part of all of this is how well my muscles are developing, especially my arms. That’s the area where I never saw any development no matter how hard I would work it previously.

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