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Caliber's science-based approach incorporates exercise, nutrition and habit coaching to help you build muscle and lose weight.

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A man wearing a red t-shirt and jogging bottoms performing a strength training movement called a weighted tricep dip in a strength training facility. The man has his hands on a weight bench, feet on the floor, and a weight plate resting on his thighs. There is an overlaid graphic on the image showing the man's target workout that has been set by his online personal trainer - outlining the recommended reps and sets from the exercise. On the overlay, you can see there is a technique video visible in the app that the client would use to check their form on the exercise.

Your training plan is built on the latest research in exercise science.

Not all exercise is created equal. Caliber’s full body training plans are designed for maximum efficiency, which means faster progress with less time at the gym. Whether you’re new to training or want to stop spinning your wheels, your coach will design an effective, science-based plan that’s personalized to you and your unique goals.

Nutrition coaching that’s designed for your lifestyle.

Your Caliber coach will design a flexible nutrition plan that incorporates your eating habits and level of activity. Just as with our workouts, Caliber nutrition plans are based on data, so you can have confidence that following the program will deliver results. Want to fit a favorite food into your plan? Your coach is ready to help.

  • James

    Kirsten, good morning! That's two nights in a row of hitting your sleep target. Well done.

  • Kirsten

    Had so much more energy on my run this AM. I could get used to this.

  • James

    Eight hours a night is a game changer. We're going to make this a permanent change 🙌🏼

Develop sustainable habits to unlock a better you.

Working with your coach, you’ll learn new habits that will soon become second nature. Employing proven techniques for habit formation, your coach will help you start and sustain healthy habits that will accelerate your progress towards your goals.

Stay consistent with the help of your Caliber Coach, a certified trainer who will keep you accountable to your plan.

Your partner in training is your dedicated Caliber Coach. In addition to providing expert guidance that's tailored to you, your coach will keep you motivated to stick with your plan, day in and day out.

Stay on track and visualize your progress with the Caliber App.

Caliber’s powerful training app brings the program to life in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Each week, your coach will program your training plan inclusive of strength and cardio workouts, nutrition and habits. Complete your activities for personalized performance metrics to visualize your progress.

Level up your knowledge with Caliber Lessons.

Each week, we'll unlock new lessons to build your knowledge across training, nutrition and habit formation. Designed for all experience levels, Caliber Lessons reveal best practices and common mistakes to help you perform at your best.

The Caliber Difference Science-Based Training. Transformational Results.

After a short consultation, you’ll be matched to a Caliber coach who will introduce you to the program, design your personalized plan, and start your training.

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