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Transform your fitness with science-based training.

Caliber is a science-based fitness coaching program that helps you build muscle and lose weight with measurable results every step of the way.

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It's not you. It's the science.

Sustainable improvement to your fitness doesn't come from the latest fad or celebrity routine. It comes from science-based training that's personalized to you.

Caliber helps you lose weight and build muscle through a unique combination of data-driven fitness & nutrition programming, one-on-one video coaching, and lifestyle optimizations tailored to you.

As a result, the average Caliber member achieves at least a 20% improvement to their body composition within 3 months.

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Experience science-based training that's designed around you.

  • Start by completing
    your fitness assessment

    Tell us about your lifestyle, workout and eating habits, and what you’re looking to achieve.

  • Your coach will create
    your personalized training plan

    Your plan is designed around your goals, incorporating strength and cardio workouts, nutrition guidance and habit coaching to accelerate your progress.

  • See measurable results
    with expert 1-on-1 coaching

    Working with your coach, you'll put your plan into motion, with daily motivation and expert guidance to make steady, measurable progress.

  • James

    Kirsten, excellent progress with your back workout yesterday. We can see it in your Strength Balance, which improved by 11 points.

  • Kirsten

    Thanks for pushing me James. Had no idea I was under training my upper body all this time.

  • James

    The data shows us the way. Once we get above 90% you're going to notice a difference to both your posture and overall mobility.

The Caliber Difference Science-Based Training. Transformational Results.

Caliber is the only training program that uses a science-based approach to help you achieve transformational changes to your body composition.

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