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6 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have A Slow Metabolism

Did you know that your metabolism can account for 70% of the calories that you burn each day?

Well, you don’t even need to do the math to realize that this is A LOT of calories.

And in a certain sense, you depend on your metabolism to burn calories to keep you at a healthy, lean weight.

But what about if your metabolism isn’t running smoothly?

If it is crawling along at a snail’s pace, not burning nearly the number of calories that it should be.

Well, you’d obviously want to fix it, right?

However, before you can even think about doing that, you need some clear ways to figure out if it is broken in the first place.

Metabolic damage is a real thing that many guys suffer from without even realizing it!

To help you determine if you’re suffering from an abnormally slow metabolism, read through these 6 symptoms below and see if any of them hit home.

Remember, experiencing a couple of these in isolation is not cause for alarm – but if you find yourself going down the list and nodding at each one, then it may be time to investigate some healthy, safe ways to repair your metabolism.

Let’s begin.

Symptom #1: You Can’t Lose Weight

This one is probably one of the most obvious potential symptoms of a slow metabolism.

And the operative word is potential here, since there are many, many reasons why you might be having trouble losing weight.

But if you’re doing all the right things – that is, exercising and eating at a suitable caloric deficit for your body weight and activity level – then this might be what’s going on.

Symptom #2: You Gain Weight Unexpectedly

Closely related to the previous symptom is if you have experienced sudden, unexplained weight gain.

By that I mean weight gain that cannot be attributed to changes in your lifestyle – such as decreased levels of activity or eating a greater number of calories.

So if you’ve suddenly packed on more than a couple odd pounds, and can’t for the life of you figure out why, then your slow metabolism may be the culprit.

Symptom #3: You Have Dry Or Bad Skin

The hormones that help to regulate your metabolism are also involved in keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy.

And if these hormones are out of whack, then you can start to notice a marked deterioration in any of these areas.

Of course, there are many potential reasons for worsening hair quality or the onset of skin issues, but if you are having these symptoms in conjunction with others on this list, then it could be a sign that your metabolism isn’t running properly.

Symptom #4: You’re Having Bad Sugar Cravings

Those of us born with a sweet tooth will inevitably crave sugar sometimes, but if you find yourself having frequent, intense sugar cravings, it could be a sign that your metabolism is off kilter.

Your adrenal glands, which play a role in helping your metabolism to function properly, also help to regulate when your body releases stored fat for energy – especially later in the day.

If this doesn’t happen properly, your blood sugar drops and you start craving sugars and other simple carbs.

Symptom #5: You’re Feeling Bloated

Fiber is an important part of our diets, but having too little or too much of it can negatively impact your metabolism.

One potential symptom of this is if you are feeling chronically bloated.

This may indicate that your stomach is not emptying food properly, holding on to undigested food for too long, which can be a consequence of a slow metabolism.

Symptom #6: You’re Always Tired

Being chronically tired sucks. Everything feels harder than it should, and you just don’t operate as your best self.

There are certainly a lot of reasons that you might feel tired – including stress or lack of sleep.

However, if you’re chronically tired, without a clear explanation for it, then it may be impacting your metabolism as well.

For instance, deficiencies in iron or vitamin B can cause anemia, a decrease in your red blood cell count, which in turn can slow down your metabolic rate.

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

So if you’ve concluded that you might have a slow metabolism, what should you do?

Well, you have a variety of different options here.

One option would be to go to your doctor, who will be able to assess your thyroid and other hormone levels, to help determine if your metabolism is running properly or not.

And if there is an issue, rest assured that there are various medications that you can take to speed up your metabolism.

However, if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require going on medication, then I’d suggest reading through this article on natural ways to fix your metabolism.

These involve a combination of dietary modifications and exercise, which can have a significant impact on your metabolism without you needing to pop a pill.

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