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The Truth About Eating Junk Food And Working Out

eating junk food and working out

Do you like junk food?

Come on, don’t lie, of course you like junk food!

Practically everyone likes junk food – even those fitness purists who try to convince themselves otherwise.

But you know what one of the biggest problems with junk food is?

That it’s junk

It contains very few beneficial nutrients, is generally low in protein, low in fiber, while also managing to be high in both fat and processed carbohydrates.

But I’m not telling you anything new here – I’m sure you already know full well that junk food is bad for you.

The question I want to address, however, is just how bad it is for you if you work out as well.

You see, there is a prevailing belief, held by certain fitness enthusiasts, that if you work out you can eat pretty much anything you want without getting fat.

That somehow exercising buys you a free pass to gorge on crap food if you feel like it.

And as much as I’d like this to be true, it simply isn’t…

As I’ve discussed before, you can’t out exercise a bad diet – there is just no way that you can burn enough calories through exercise to make up for unbridled bad eating habits.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat junk food – in fact, you can eat it regularly if it fits into your flexible dieting plan – but you can’t eat massive quantities of it all the time and expect it not to catch up with you.

So, to help further illustrate this point, I wanted to share an infographic and video from our friends at Buddy Loans, which shows just how much exercise you would need to do to burn off some popular types of junk food.

Take a look.

Junk food and exercise infographic

And here is the corresponding video that you can watch as well:

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