eating healthy on a budget

How To Make Eating Healthy On A Budget Work For You

Most of us know that eating healthy on a budget isn’t always easy. As I discussed in my previous article, healthy food is generally considered to be more expensive than junk food. And this is one of the reasons that many people end up making poor eating choices: it can

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healthy food more expensive

Is Healthy Food More Expensive Than Junk Food?

Most of us could do with eating more healthy foods. Unfortunately, the reality is that junk food can often seem like the easier option – especially when you’re busy. It is widely available, tastes good, and typically doesn’t require preparation. And, in addition to all of these factors, healthy foods

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high potassium foods

9 Of The Best High Potassium Foods To Include In Your Diet

Getting enough potassium in your diet is important. However, as I discussed in my previous article a couple weeks ago, the vast majority of adults don’t consume anywhere near the recommended 4.7 grams per day. This is because most foods that we tend to eat don’t contain very much potassium

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ghrelin hunger hormone

How The Hunger Hormone Ghrelin Can Impact Your Fat Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, hunger can be a major thorn in your side. You can be chugging along, following your diet perfectly, and then it happens… Your stomach starts rumbling. Your body is telling you to eat – that it needs some food. And even though it may

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what is a calorie

What Is A Calorie & Are They All The Same?

The word ‘calorie’ is thrown around a lot… And even though everyone is pretty familiar with the general concept, we find that many guys don’t know what calories really are (only, perhaps, that they should be eating fewer of them). Basically, when you break it down, a calorie is just

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alcohol weight loss

How Alcohol Impacts Weight Loss & Muscle Growth

Many people don’t think that alcohol has any place in a healthy diet. Well, it may surprise you to hear that you can actually drink a moderate amount of alcohol and still get into fantastic shape. Alcohol has 7 calories in every gram, doesn’t contain any useful nutrients, and doesn’t

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too much protein

Is Too Much Protein Actually Bad For You?

These days, more and more people are becoming clued in to the various benefits of a higher protein diet. As one of the 3 major macronutrients, protein has a lot of things going for it… Most fundamentally, it provides the building blocks for your body, in the form of amino

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