Not Getting Enough Sleep

What Are The Dangers Of Not Getting Enough Sleep?

This is a guest article by Abigail Nur. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day… By attempting to balance work, a social life, and anything else you encounter on a daily basis, proper sleep often gets put on the back burner. You might think that you can easily

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Mindfulness Fitness

How Mindfulness Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

When you think of what it takes to get in great shape, and make lasting changes to your body, certain things probably come to mind. You need to have a well-structured and manageable workout and nutrition plan to follow. You need to have the discipline to stay on track with

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shoulder dislocations

Improve Your Mobility And Fix Injuries With Shoulder Dislocations

Have you ever hurt your shoulders weight lifting? Unfortunately, this is pretty common, especially when the weights start getting heavy on exercises like barbell bench press and military press. Sometimes it can happen suddenly – like when your form breaks down, or you lose concentration on a heavy set. However,

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A Simple 3 Minute General Mobility Routine

Are you currently following a mobility routine? Mobility work is not something that most people associate with building a lean, muscular body. But make no mistake about it: mobility is extremely important – especially as you get older… Mobility exercises differ from traditional stretching, in that the main goals are

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What To Do When You Pull A Muscle

Have you ever pulled a muscle? If you’re like 99.99% of the people on this planet, then chances are the answer is yes. (I do know one guy who claims to have NEVER pulled a muscle in his life, but he’s either a) lying or b) a real-life version of

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skinny fat

Are You Part Of The Skinny Fat Club?

I would bet that there isn’t a single guy in the world that actually wants to look skinny fat. However, in my experience, this is exactly the body type that many normal guys tend to have. They aren’t obese, but they are carrying too much fat, and don’t have much

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immune system boosters

8 Immune System Boosters To Keep You From Getting Sick

No one likes getting sick. You feel slow and tired, end up missing your workouts, and may temporarily have to put much of life on hold until you’re all better. The thing is, we are being exposed to colds and other viruses practically every day, so what often determines whether

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holiday fitness tips

7 Simple Holiday Fitness Tips To Keep The Pounds Off

Let’s face it, the holidays and your fitness goals don’t always go well together. During this time of year, most people are focused on holiday parties, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. Healthy eating and working out? Not so much… Still, with the new year just around the

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