Bhu Foods - Paleo Protein Bar - Double Dark Chocolate Chip

Bhu Foods Paleo Protein Bar Review

The paleo diet has really taken off over the past few years, and has practically become the official diet of Crossfit and its numerous devotees. Despite what many claim, there’s nothing magical about the paleo diet from a fat loss perspective; in the end, the paleo diet still works by

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ultimate guide to food logging

The Ultimate Guide To Food Logging

If you’re looking to get optimal results from your diet, then food logging is hands-down the way to go. While there are a plethora of diets that can be effective in helping you reach your fitness goals, no rules-based diet (such as Paleo, Whole30, Atkins, etc.) can come close to

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How To Get Enough Protein

There’s no doubt about it… Getting enough protein in your diet should be near the top of your priority list when it comes to getting the kinds of results you’re looking for in the gym. Not only does protein have a crucial role in helping you build and maintain muscle,

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

Wanna know the secret to sticking to your diet? It’s quite simple: make sure that your diet includes foods that you love to eat. When you don’t feel like you have to choke down boring diet foods, sticking to your nutrition plan becomes a whole lot easier. That’s why when

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What To Do When You Pull A Muscle

Have you ever pulled a muscle? If you’re like 99.99% of the people on this planet, then chances are the answer is yes. (I do know one guy who claims to have NEVER pulled a muscle in his life, but he’s either a) lying or b) a real-life version of

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What Is The Military Diet?

In the past week alone, I’ve had two guys come up to me in the gym and ask me about The Military Diet. Usually I’m aware of the various fad diets that pop up now and then because clients always ask about them, but this one I had never heard

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How Much Protein Can You Absorb In One Sitting?

Is there a maximum amount of protein you can eat in one meal before it gets “wasted”? There are a whole lot of myths in the fitness industry, and some of the most pervasive myths revolve around protein intake – how much protein is optimal for muscle growth, which protein

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Asian Beef With Snow Peas

Chinese food is probably my second favorite cuisine on the planet next to Italian. I love it all from the high-end 5 star establishments like Hakkasan and Cafe China, to the smaller, more authentic eateries you’ll find in the heart of NYC’s Chinatown. I also happen to love Chinese takeout.

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Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli

I can confidently state that I have never, ever met a person who doesn’t love a good macaroni and cheese. In fact, I don’t even believe these mac & cheese deniers exist. As human beings, it seems to be part of our DNA. We laugh, we cry, we eat (and

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